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Doing something for the planet locally and globally can be as easy as following these 2 steps:


Choose one or more places, plants or animals that you love


Each day pray with positive intention for that place, plant or animal and the entire Ecosystem that support it.


Prayer and Action change the world.

Adding Positive Prayer to environmental action can spiritually support our global ecosystems that are in crisis.

People are developing ways of living, technologies and values that support life. We can work together even more deeply.

Please join with people around the world in prayer for a Thriving Earth.

Why is Eco-Prayer so important?

Visitors to Eco-Prayer - Join the Global Movement!

Scroll over the map to explore the countries where visitors have come from to join in prayer and good will intention since May 2016.


Eco-Prayer Guidelines

Find out more about Eco-Prayer and suggested guidelines and practices for bringing prayer and good will intention to the ecosystems.

Eco-Prayer Resources

An extensive list of of resources to find out more about what all world religions and traditions agree about - the nurturing and caring of our planet.

Ways to Contribute

Learn about ways that you can participate and contribute to the growling global movement of Eco-Prayer.

News of Inspiring Change to Support the Ecosystems

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A Simple Way to Help

Ecosystem Guidelines

These are recommendation and suggestions, however we invite you to use what works for you... 

1. If you already have a plant, animal or place in mind, decide which ecosystem supports it the most.

2. If you already know an ecosystem you are drawn to, find a plant animal or place representing this unique web of life to you.  Support the individual species along with the entire ecosystem.

3. Find a picture of your plant, place, animal or ecosystem and put it in a place where you will be reminded each day to pray and realign your intention and good will. Perhaps post it on your door, bathroom mirror, purse, wallet or as wallpaper on your computer.

Explore one of the individual ecosystem pages below or Resources page for a selection of photo resources.

Explore the Ecosystems