Eco-Prayer™ is the first outreach of the parent organization Thriving Earth™, which is a 501c(3) Not-For-Profit organization founded in the United States.


About the Eco-Prayer™ Organization

Eco-Prayer™ grows out of the vision of a future with people caring on a global scale for places, plants, animals, people, and the Earth through prayer, intention and action. This vision begins with global humanity joining together in Eco-Prayer and good will for the earth's ecosystems.



People from every nation across the world joining together in daily Eco-Prayer for thriving Ecosystems.



To encourage spiritual and physical interventions to restore, support and develop thriving ecosystems.

Eco-Prayer™ fosters this mission by:

1.    Education, outreach, dialogue and role modeling in order to encourage individuals and groups of all nationalities, religions, cultures and persuasions to join in daily Eco-Prayer and good will intention for thriving ecosystems of the Earth.

2.    Fostering exploration of "theology of ecology" or "Eco-Theology" by religious and cultural leaders and thinkers. This is theology that supports sustainable behavior and the theology of spiritual interventions (prayer, ritual, ceremony) for all life.

3.    Seeking guidance and encouraging dialogue, introspection, and contemplation in order to determine what an individual or group is best suited for and called to do. "Pray like it is all up to God. Act like it is all up to you."

4.    Development of new ways to support ecosystems, a Thriving Earth and fuller vision of Human Thriving.